What happens to dissidents in Serbia?

I am Andrej Fajgelj and I deared to think for myself.

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For that, I was “progressively” banished from public life. From the organizations that I’ve founded, projects that I’ve led, from the newspapers I’ve written some of the most popular articles for and which now don’t dare to publish me.

In the end, all I was left with was the last refuge of freedom, which each of us should have, my home and my space on the Internet. When I had something to say, I voiced my opinion in my own home, in my own words, recorded it on my own computer and published it on my own blog and my own social network accounts. I knocked on no doors. But someone did knock on my door.

Our home was raided by special police forces, they seized my computers, arrested me in front of my children and put me in jail.

Vucic lied: “No other country would release him. No country in the world. No country in the world. From Argentina to Canada, from Australia to Russia and Scandinavian countries no one would never ever release him.”

I wrote to the embassies of the countries mentioned, and others, asking if it was true that in their countries I would be arrested for criticizing Vucic and NATO on Facebook, never to be released. I got no answer.

Liberals are so fake! Here, the tyrant might as well cut off our heads. As long as their interests are protected, they will be satisfied. Values, democracy, human rights, freedoms, they are making fun of all that.

I don’t find that funny. As a public enemy, I am still facing five years in prison. They are still withholding my computers.

I tried to get along. I took out credit to buy a lower quality computer. But it broke down under mysterious circumstances. My blog mysteriously went down as well.

The computer is also my work equipment. Besides my public activity, my professional activity is at risk, and I’m in danger of losing my job. If I lose my job, I will lose my home, and end up homeless with four children.

This is what happens to dissidents in Serbia. Doors closed, hands tied, mouth closed, fate sealed.

If I spoke only against Vucic, I would have no problems. Many members of the opposition have finances and media coverage and all other support. My problem is that I am speaking against the liberal-progressive dogma that stands behind Vucic and behind NATO and behind globalism.

They have all the support and they work for those who are paying them, but to whom can we turn, we who agree only to work for our own people? Who is the people?

The people is you. You are the only one I can turn to.

In the broken computer, I had a draft of a book titled “After Vucic”. In this book, I am explaining how it is possible to replace not only Vucic but also the liberal-progressive dogma that lies behind him. If this is not done, after Vucic, there will be Vucic.

If you want the book to be published, you can become a donor or a subscriber by paying into the Serbian bank account or online through Indiegogo.

I know that like us, you don’t have no money. I know that other families too are facing the danger of ending in the street. I know that better people have endured worse things for working for people. I know that there are more urgent needs.

But I also know that only the people fighting for freedom can be free. Even in the darkest days of the Ottoman occupation, our Serbian people had hajduks who were “able to accost, to evade and to endure on terrible place”. Who were willing to fight for freedom against the empire. But even hajduks couldn’t exist without support.

I want to fight and I can. I can publish the book before the elections and make a difference. But without support my hands are tied. It is not up to me this time. You will decide if this is my last announcement, or if I have just started.

You will help me if you share this news. You will help me if you donate one cent.

Because each cent from one’s own people is worth more than millions from foreign powers.

Taken from igg.me/at/poslevucica


I collected all the money, bought the same computer as the one that police had seized, wrote and published the book “After Vučić.” You can buy or download the book here. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you have confirmed that it was worth believing.

Прикупљање средстава за После Вучића

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