Manipulation of victims in the Middle East

Today I met four Holocaust survivors at the Yad Vashem. Three of them had but one request for us: tell the world the truth. Not about what had happened back then, but about what is happening now.

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“We only want to live in peace”, says Miriam, adding that it is not easy to live under constant threat of Hamas’ rockets. “The attacks are always directed towards civilians”, mentions Daniel while telling his everyday life to our group. This lively 77-year-old often watches rockets exploding in the sky as he rides his bike to volunteer in one of the cities under heaviest rocket attacks.

Hamas’ rockets are successfully taken down by the “Iron Dome”, the air defense system developed after dozens of Israelis died in Hezbollah attacks. Israel gives its best to protect its citizens. During Saddam’s time, it developed the anti-ballistic system “Arrow”, and after the Second Intifada the “wall” was built to stop Hamas’ suicide bombers. The system works, leaving Israel with only a few civilian casualties in the current conflict. So far.

Meanwhile, Palestinian civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip are measured in hundreds. Among them, many children, whose pictures are filling the front pages. And when we see a child blown up by a bomb, we stop asking questions, the world becomes black and white. More precisely, Israel becomes black, Hamas white.

This was, of course, the Hamas’ plan. And this is what adds a new wound on top of old scars to Holocaust survivors.

Let us ask the most important question: why doesn’t the suffering of children stop right now?

Israel warns the local population before its air strikes. In order to target terrorists more precisely it started the ground operation, at the cost of lives of its soldiers (at this moment the death toll is 27). What else can Israel do, except stop defending itself? Even the most convincing critics don’t seem to have the answer to this question.

Hamas, on the other hand, can immediately stop this war by halting its attacks on Israel. It can immediately protect civilians by stopping the rocket launches from civilian quarters – including children playgrounds. Hamas apparently doesn’t want that.

And why would he, when thanks to the pictures of dead children he achieved the impossible: public opinion is taking his side. Even western public, that suffered from the same terrorists, even Serbian public, which fell victim to the same manipulations. How many times had Islamic extremists in Bosnia and Kosovo fabricated civilian victims, sacrificed and even killed their own civilians to win over the public opinion?

Atrocities Management is a method of media war that exploits compassion and indignation in order to manipulate the public. It was perfected during the Balkan wars in the 1990s. In this case, the manipulator is the Hamas, and the deceived public supports murderers of civilians out of indignation over murdered civilians.

Yesterday, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asked foreign ambassadors what kind of moral message is the world sending to Hamas, Boko Haram, Hezbollah and ISIS. But morality is not an issue in atrocities management, only victims are needed. If there are none, they must be produced. The only way for Israel to gain sympathies is to sacrifice its own civilians. It would be enough to turn off the Iron Dome and there would soon be more victims in Israel than in Gaza.

Israel doesn’t want to do that, and this is why it will most likely lose the media war worldwide. With maybe one exception: Serbia and Republika Srpska. Because Serbs should perfectly understand Israel’s position. Especially when the manipulation doesn’t stop at the current conflict, but when “Protective Edge” is presented as Holocaust, and Jews as perpetrators, instead as victims.

Jerusalem, 07/23/2014.

Kleine Zeitung, Graz, 05/19/2004

Kleine Zeitung, Graz, 05/19/2004

Српски медији су у мору извештаја о страдањима Палестинаца прећутали скуп подршке Израелу у Београду.

Title reads “Israelis killed 73 children”. The support rally to Israel in Belgrade went unreported.

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