robbing its customers

Someone just takes what is yours and you cannot do anything about it? It ain’t high-school bullying. It’s my customer experience with

Once upon a time I used dozens of domain names and other online services, but my family can no longer afford it. We are saving every penny, and if we struggle hard enough, we can save 100$ a month.

So when out of nowhere 100$ are withdrawn from my account for a forgotten domain name, it is bad news. GoDaddy charged me without asking, without warning.

They would say that I agreed to the automatic renewal. I did. But I don’t anymore. So how do I cancel? There was still a few days left until the expiry date.

The only email I received did not foresee the possibility of canceling. The “My account” area of the website did, but when I tried GoDaddy went permanently: “Yikes, something went wrong”. The call centre – the only contact option – was adamant: “We can not issue a refund”.

To resume:

  1. GoDaddy charged me without consent
  2. Since the domain name had not yet expired, GoDaddy charged me without anything to charge
  3. When I reached out to them, GoDaddy refused to solve the problem

I recently had a similar experience with another company, but they immediately refunded me.

It seems it is just GoDaddy’s policy to insist on robbing their customers.

Andrej Fajgelj


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  1. Уради Credit Card Chargeback. Банке углавном стају на страну клијената а не корпорација. Тако бар кажу.

    ПејПал диспјут такође.
    Не дозволи пљачку. Није ту крај ако они неће да те рефундирају.

  2. Слава Господу, те се појави!
    Мислио сам да си у земљицу црну потон’о…
    Како си, како је породица, шта радиш, има ли планова?


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