Gay terrorism cover up?

Car bomb attack in Canberra, Australia targets Christian opponents of same-sex marriage and gender theory. The police and the media have quickly refuted any „political, religious or ideological“ motive. Too quickly.

Повезани чланци

НАТО нам сада диктира и број жртава НАТО-а Јелена Милић, Наташа Кандић и Соња Бисерко утврдиле да су српске жртве ”манипулација”....
What happens to dissidents in Serbia? Our home was raided by special police forces, they seized my computers, arrested me in front of my children and put me in jail.
Curious: United States foretells the killing of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic January 10: U.S. State Department warns of risks of "terrorism" and "politically motivated violence" in Kosovo, especially in North Mitrovic...
Живот пустињака Кров над главом 10.000 пута јефтинији у природи него у граду.

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