David Petraeus: when facts exceed conspiracy theories (MULTILINGUAL)

The Serbian media is predominantly controlled by David Petraeus, ex – CIA chief and US general who bombed Serbia – reveals an investigation available in nine languages (EN, RU, ES, FR, DE, IT, PL, SR, BG).

David Petraeus

The curious case of David Petraeus is a prime example of a post-truth world. It illustrates a radical change in the world of media. Before him, no one could have imagined a former chief of intelligence at the head of the media, especially not in a country he had helped to destroy.

This investigation dwells on the factors that allowed for this unparalleled example of manipulation to occur. It sheds light on: the carrier path of Petraeus centered on conquering hearts and minds; the spread of LBOs by the investment firm KKR and its takeover of media in the Balkans; the role of american ambassadors and of George Soros; the opaque financial networks and ownership structures; the arm-twisting of parliament and the complacency of local officials; the revolving doors between the army, the finance, the intelligence and the media; the manipulations on internet.

The French Observatory of Journalism had the courage of conducting and publishing this investigation. It had a large echo in Serbian media, but nowhere else, except a few Russian and Bulgarian portals. You can help by spreading the word in your language, even if you deem necessary to avoid public and digital channels. Not all hearts and minds are conquered.

ЕnglishDavid Petraeus – ex – CIA chief, new media mogul in Eastern Europe. The complete investigation

РусскийДэвид Петреус, бывший глава ЦРУ, а теперь медиа-магнат на Балканах. Полное расследование

EspañolExjefe de la CIA, nuevo magnate de los medios de comunicación en Europa del Este. Investigación completa

FrançaisDavid Petraeus – ex-chef de la CIA, nouveau magnat des médias en Europe de l’Est. L’enquête complète

DeutschEx-CIA Chef Davis Petraeus : neuer Medienmagnat in Osteuropa. Die ganze Affäre 

ItalianoCome il responsabile americano dei bombardamenti in Serbia compra i media nei Balcani attraverso il fondo americano KKR

PolskiByły szef CIA David Petraeus nowym potentatem mediów na Bałkanach. Nasze śledztwo

СрпскиДејвид Петреус – бивши шеф Ције, нови медијски магнат на Балкану. Читаво истраживање

БългарскиКак бившият шеф на ЦРУ Дейвид Петреъс се превърна в медиен магнат на Балканите

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