2nd International Danube Conference on Culture

From this place we want to send a strong statement about how we think about our future. We don’t want a future of conflicts, where others are enemies. We want a future where others will be partners, where our diversity will not be an obstacle but a common wealth. And this is where culture will help to build this „unity in diversity“ which marks both Novi Sad and European Union.

Read the reports from the conference in English, German and Serbian

2nd International Danube Conference on Culture

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Govor u Skupštini Novog Sada Govor održan neposredno nakon imenovanja za v.d. direktora Kulturnog centra Novog Sada, na samom kraju maratonske sednice od 9 sati....
Serbia: EU, stop “helping” us! EU helped reconstruct one Serbian bridge among those it had destroyed.
Biti srpski rodoljub i sarađivati sa Zapadom Povodom 100 godina Prvog svetskog rata juče smo u Kulturnom centru otvorili dva događaja - izložbu nemačke ambasade i guslarsko veče. Igrom ...
Serbs: fighting Islamic State from the beginning Muslim conquests started with attacks against the East Roman Empire in the 7th century. For defense, Serbs were settled along the frontier. ...

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