10 reasons why migrants are NOT like Serbian refugees

“The same as our refugees.” Under this excuse, the global media propaganda in favor of mass migration gets through in Serbia. But just like the rest of the propaganda, this claim is a manipulation.

Muslim migrants and Serbian refugees

Прочитај на српском

  1. Serbian refugees didn’t have the support of media propaganda. Pictures of children were not massively used worldwide to elicit maximum compassion. On the contrary, media propaganda was used against Serbian refugees.
  2. Serbian refugees didn’t leave families behind. Most of the migrants are men. They save themselves and leave the women and children to the enemy?
  3. Serbian refugees were not deserters. Waves of refugees from Krajina and Kosovo ensued only after the collapse of the army and the state. Why migrants of military age do not stay to fight against the Islamic state?
  4. Serbian refugees were fleeing to the first country. Migrants are moving halfway across the world.
  5. Serbian refugees went on their own. Migrants are trafficked by the Mafia.
  6. Serbian refugees went from danger to safety. Most of the migrants are going the opposite way. This was also the case of the tragic Kurdi family, which was not in danger before risking the sea crossing in the hands of the mafia, and drowning.
  7. Serbian refugees were running for their lives. The migrants are fleeing for a better life, cherry-picking the countries with the highest standard of living.
  8. Serbian refugees were not aggressive. Migrants clash with police when they try to identify them, throw women and children on the rails because their train is stopped.
  9. Serbian refugees were not falsely representing themselves. No tricks, they were indeed Serbs who fled from war and ethnic cleansing. Migrants are presented as Syrian refugees, when in fact they come from different parts of the world, from Nigeria to Bangladesh, where there is no war at all. Many only use migrant crisis to cross the borders without control. This includes a huge number of economic migrants, as well as thousands of terrorists of the Islamic state. Statistically, it is not the threat of war in Syria that is characteristic for the greatest part of migrants, but the fact that they are Muslim men of military age.
  10. Serbian refugees came to Serbia. Non-European migrants are settling in Europe, Muslims are migrating to Christian countries (which is called Hijrah in Islam). Why not much closer Muslim Gulf countries?

Propaganda of the international media dictates compassion for Muslim migrations – not a word against them. On the other hand it is censoring any compassion for Orthodox Christian refugees from Kosovo, from Krajina, from Donbass – not a word about them.

However, Christian refugees and Muslim migrants do have one thing in common: the role of NATO in launching the offensives in Krajina, in Kosovo, in Donbass and Syria.

Повезани чланци

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